Meet The Team



Based out of Glendale, CA, Susie Darovikh is the Founder and CEO of Etiquette LA – an event planning and staffing company. From concept development to execution, Susie is dynamic with a mind for event design and planning. 

Working in the hospitality industry since 2007, Susie exemplifies leadership with expertise in project management, event planning, and program development. Believing in the balance of real-world experience and education, Susie received a Bachelors Degree at The Collins College of Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona. 


Seeking to broaden her portfolio in event planning, she worked in various organizations including the non- profit sector and private corporations. Over 10+ years of hospitality and event planning experience in the industry led to the establishment of Etiquette LA. 

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With 11 years of professional hospitality and culinary arts industry experience, Jenny has an innovative mind when it comes to menu creations. She has knowledge in a variety of cuisines, trends, and presentation styles. She has perfected her craft by customizing menus for the catering department at Panera Bread for many years. She holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management and in Liberal Arts and Science.  



Uniquely skilled at both the technical aspect and the creativity of event production, Natalie has been actively involved in assisting with various types of events for many years.  From leading non-profit functions to being a liaison to many organizations, she brings versatility to every event. Her hands-on approach ensures success with any team or event she leads.

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